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Our strategy is to bring leading advance technologies to our clients - helping our clients to build their future.  25 years ago, while internet was first built and not yet popular to the public, we had already started to use the latest advance technology to build our first website because we believe that by being ahead of everyone else and investing in the future is the only way to be successful in the long run.

The future is in our hands.  No one can predict the future, but we can help form and create the future that we hope for.  Be prepare, the future will not wait for you - those who take control and are ready for the future will the winner.  I am ready, are you?

Vincent Lam
Group CEO


SiiA Group members serving cross industries for since 1994. We have tailor make solutions for our clients specific needs. Provide leading strategy and tools to empower client’s business growth, cost saving and increase productivity.

Over 25 years experience
Over 130 leading e-business and solutions specialist
Office in Hong Kong, China, India, UK & Canada
Provide comprehensive IT strategy and consultation service.
Learn more > syntech.global
Specializing in deploying mission critical e-business & marketing solutions.
Learn more > innoways.com
Next generation of digital relocation system.
Learn more > i-RMS.online
Leading business APPS in mobile platform.
Learn more > a4appz.com
  • / 2018
    Stay tuned for our next creative ideas & products...
  • / 1994
    Founded 1994, SynTech open focusing in System Infrastructure and System Maintenance
  • / 1999
    Innoways born, new development team focusing on eBusiness & eMarketing Solutions
  • / 2008
    New relocation industry solutions launch to the market, new branding create i-RMS
  • / 2014
    In the rapid growth mobile market, “a4apple” born focusing on mobile applications
  • / 2017
    We re-branding our group as SiiA Group

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