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30 years of Creative Ideas + Technology + Experience
  • Founded 1994, Syntech opened in Hong Kong focusing on system maintenance with 5 staff members.
  • 1999, Innoways, was born with a new development team focusing on eBusiness & eMarketing Solutions. The number of staff members grew over 20.
  • 2005, China office Paddy Shenzhen started operations. Shenzhen development team began with 4 staff members.
  • 2008, a new relocation industry solution was launched to the market, i-RMS.
  • 2009, Beijing and Shanghai branch opened providing support service to our clients in China.
  • 2010, Shenzhen team expended to over 30 staff.
  • 2012, partner with India specialists, mobile apps team started operating in India.
  • 2013, rapid growth in mobile world, A4appz was born to focus on mobile applications.
  • 2014, China opened our 2nd development center in Changsha. Total number of group staff grew over 90.
  • 2015, Canada support office started operations to support overseas clients.
  • 2016, Digital Label Management (DLM) Portal and DLM Mobile APPS launched in apparel label industries as a globally competitive system.
  • 2017, rebranding our group as SiiA Group. with the number of staffs reaching to over 120 in multiple countries. Launched and operated API gateway and microsoft azure for multi-national corporations.
  • 2018, United kingdom support center opened. Launched IntraApps and iERP mobile system (interorganization system) for multi-national corporations.
  • 2019, SiiA Group will launch a new Blockchain Smart Contract Portal, and an artificial intelligence (AI) self-serviced portal.
  • 2024, 30 years of innovation, the next wonderful chapter. Stay tuned for our creative and new products!
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Vincent Lam
Chairman & CEO
Vincent’s biography
Vincent Lam is the founder of SiiA Group, which consists of a group of companies (SynTech, Innoways, i-RMS, A4appz) focused on innovation and technology.
He started the business 30 years ago with 4 employees based in Hong Kong serving mostly Hong Kong based companies. Through his leadership the group has grown to over 150 employees with offices in Hong Kong, China, India, UK and Canada. With over 300 clients in 45 countries around the world using their system solutions worldwide.
He has extensive experience in providing IT consultation services for over 20 Fortune 500 companies with in depth knowledge in different industries such as manufacturing, retail, transportation, telecommunication and relocation. Vincent understands that in order to be able to help his clients he must also understand their industry as well as their current business operations – the problems faced by his clients and the areas that they are facing. His specialty is in business process reengineering, strategy planning and technical advice to improve business efficiencies through their automation process.
Vincent believes that by helping each client select the best suited and latest technology is very important and that each client’s business is unique. By choosing the best-fit technologies and further customizing solutions to help target and solve his clients’ current problems and provide future growth to adopt to the changes in the market. He has a strong vision on how by the implementation of integrated systems can help a corporation to improve their business workflow and production efficiency. In 2001, he developed an integrated ERP and online B2B portal to help his client improve their entire business workflow thus improving the company’s efficiency and productivity. The client grew from one office in Hong Kong to now having offices in China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Bangladesh, Romania, UK and Demark and becoming leaders in their industry.
R&D plays a large role in SiiA Group, in researching and building new and creative ideas and solutions. Vincent believes that it’s important to always evolve and stay on top of the latest technologies and never staying stagnant in order to always offers his clients the benefits from the latest technology. To help a client launch the world’s first digital camera, he lead a team to deploy the first 3D website to illustrate the camera in 360 degrees. The website generated a lot of media attention at the time with magazines and newspapers showcasing both the camera and the website uniqueness with a lot of camera enthusiasts visiting the website to “play” with the cameras features.
One of his special skills is listening. With over 30 years in the IT industry, he believes it’s crucial that he listens and understands his clients’ problems, so he can provide the best solutions for their needs - this skill is also well inherited by the entire team from top to bottom.
Vincent believes that it’s vital to have a well rounded team and to invest in their ongoing training in order to form good client relationships, team building, communication skills, industry standards and documentation. Leading the company to work on ISO security standard and GDPR compliance on our latest developed systems.   
He always believe that SiiA Group is not a top down company but a company full of joy, close relationships and understanding between team members, offering support and pushing each other to grow and improve. OKR (objectives and key results) is the latest performance evaluation skills that he bring to SiiA Group to help all team members to achieve more. He believes each team member is an important part of the company’s success. He believes this is the main reason why SiiA Group has grown exponentially in the last 30 years from a small team to a worldwide facing company.
Liza Cheng
Liza’s biography
Liza Cheng is a founding member of SiiA Group, with the first company incorporated 30 years ago, which has steadily grown and expanded to currently consist of a group of companies - Syntech, Innoways, i-RMS and A4appz. Serving both local and multi-national clients of global and premium brands in telecommunications, fashion apparel, cosmetics, law and relocation industries in Asia, USA and europe.
Liza graduated with a degree in information science and a post graduate diploma in business from edith cowan university, australia. She has worked for fortune 500 and listed companies before starting SiiA Group. Liza was named chief operation officer in 1997, responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the company and ensuring that all the systems, resources and people are in alignment to achieve the goals of the company and meet key targets of the organization. Under her leadership, an integrated internal CRM, ERP, Account and HR system was developed internally over 20 years ago to help align customers, sales, account and staffing information ensuring timely invoicing, easy monitoring of personnel performance and costing to ensure resources are most productively used with the aim of creating maximum value for the company’s stakeholders. Under her leadership, the company expanded its development and supporting team from 1 office in Hong Kong to offices in Shenzhen, Changsha, London and India with over 150 employees focused on innovation and technology.
Helen Ho
Project Director
Helen’s biography
Helen Ho joined SiiA Group in 2007 as an art director and serves as project director starting from 2013.
Most of her work was related to project standard and quality. In 2016 she formed and coordinated a team of 25 project managers and project coordinators overseeing and managing project deadlines and budgets, also to ensure that our work are consistence, good quality and services. In 2018, Helen has started developing ISO 9001 standard for SiiA Group and plan to complete within 2019.
Helen has more than 20 years of experiences in different roles in IT. industry. The greatest lesson Helen has learned in her 12 years of experience in SiiA Group is that the power of a positive attitude carries extraordinary results. She believes the three keys to success are Focus, Don’t give up and never stop learning.
Wailey Chan
Design Director
Wailey’s biography
Wailey Chan is a founding member of Innoways. He has over 20 years solid experience in design field, with remarkable working experience with Hong Kong top brands and corporates included the industry of HK press, consumer digital product, mobile service provider, etc. Wailey now is designer director of SiiA Group.
Witnessed the transition era of traditional graphic print to digital world wide web, Wailey has essential skills and ability to convert business owners' need to visually stimulating design, he believes well design visual could bring true value that is crucial to all businesses and organizations.
With the vision of ‘creativity and thoughtfulness are essential to design process anytime. Understanding end users and their expectation is important because this knowledge enables to create vibrant experiences’, Wailey leads the team of Design and UX in SiiA Group to fulfill and elaborate creative and design process to deliver exceptional value in every projects.
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